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Retirement division (QDROs)

Split your nest egg with care.

Quick and Careful QDROs

The most common question we hear from prospective QDRO clients is this: “How quickly can this be done?” (Answer: it depends.) A more important question is how carefully can it be done?

We get it. After going through the hell of divorce, most people are in a hurry to sever ties as quickly as possible. Some need access to their retirement account funds as well – for legal bills or just to jumpstart their new lives. Though we have no control over courts and plan administrators, we promise to not leave your file needlessly idle.

And, of course, we’ll handle the division of your retirement account as carefully as possible, making sure that the qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) divides your accounts as you and your divorce attorneys intended.

A Division Order for Every Plan

Defined Benefit Plans (Pensions)

Your 'Last Will & Testament' is a basic document that outlines your wishes with regards providing for your family members and the distribution of your assets after you pass away.

Defined Contribution Plans (i.e. 401ks)

A form of estate plan that puts your assets in a revocable trust - essentially holding them for you and those that would benefit from your will - to avoid lengthy probate court procedures after your death.

Military Retirement Plans

A trust that provides for those who cannot manage their own finances, for whatever reason, while maintaining eligibility for federal and state benefits.

Federal Retirement Plans

A financial power of attorney gives someone you trust the ability to manage your financial and business matters if you become incapacitated. This power is typically springing, meaning it does not take effect until you have been ruled incapacitated by a physician.

State Retirement Plans

Outlining your healthcare wishes in advance will save your loved ones from the agony or guilt that comes with such decisions.

Other Plans

Whether you need help splitting an IRA or a Railroad Retirement System (RRS) plan, if you don't see it listed, reach out anyway and we'll discuss your options - there are far too many plans to list them all!

Flat Rate QDROs

Most state and local plans.
$ 800 For the first QDRO
  • Review of Divorce Decree
  • Most state and local plans
  • Drafting of QDRO
  • Plan Pre-Approval
  • Guided Court Filing & Execution
  • Text (SMS) and Email Updates
  • Attorney Licensed in Your State

Additional QDROs

Most state and local plans.
$ 400 Per QDRO
  • Half-off discount for multiple plans
  • Plan owner must be the same as the first QDRO

Federal & Military QDROs

Federal & Military Retirement Systems
$ 1200 Per QDRO
  • Review of Divorce Decree
  • Drafting of QDRO
  • Plan Pre-Approval
  • Guided Court Filing & Execution
  • Text (SMS) and Email Updates
  • Attorney Licensed in Your State
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Benefits of Our Firm

Plan From Anywhere

Most divorced parties would rather be anywhere else but the same room as their ex-spouse. We handle things virtually - through web conference meetings or phone calls.

We Deal With the Headaches

QDROs are often delayed by a couple of things: a party refuses to sign or a retirement plan adminstrator has questions about the divorce or QDRO paperwork. We're there throughout this process: from getting parties' signatures, to getting plan pre-approval, to preparing for filing with the court.

Online Archive

We store your file in a secure online locker - with bank-level encryption - for a minimum of seven years.

Real Lawyer

Before you hire an attorney or QDRO service online, ask one very important question: will an attorney, licensed in my state, be handling my case? We only take on QDROs where we are licensed to practice law. You'll have a real lawyer draft and review your paperwork.

Another vital point: we are neutral to both ex-spouses. This means open communication, no secrets, and everyone gets questions answered.

Flat Fees

Whenever possible, and for nearly all cases, flat fees apply. This means no surprises and no motivation to drag out your case for as long as possible.


We pride ourselves on speed: calls, texts, and emails returned promptly and work done without undue delays.

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Past success does not guarantee outcomes in future cases - but we always do our best!

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I am happy to endorse William -- he is smart, tenacious, trustworthy, and very personable. You can count on William to listen to your concerns, give you honest advice, and to stand up for you when it matters most.
Andrew Chow
General practice attorney
Me and a business partner working at a car dealership had questions regarding business practices inside our company. WIlliam was able to clarify to us the legal processes and possible repercussion of past practices. We work in the car industry which even today has some rather relaxed rules and regulations regarding good practices. It was good to have him review said practices to avoid legal trouble down the line. He was quick and responsive to our questions and seemed to genuinely care for his customers. I would strongly recommend him for his quick turn around time and great and professional follow up.
Former Client