11 Retirement Division and QDRO Mistakes People Make in Divorce

I serve in a niche that maybe shouldn’t exist. I am a QDRO attorney, a guy who drafts orders dividing retirement accounts as part of (or more commonly, after) a divorce. I exist because most divorce lawyers don’t understand – or don’t want to deal with – the retirement accounts. If you’re going through a […]

10 Reasons I Love QDROs

QDROs are a lot like two legged dog with an incontinence problem: it takes a very special person to love them. They are complex. They are the most niche of legal documents, and illegitimate child of state marital property law and federal ERISA law, with a little bit of plan administrator rules thrown in just […]

Stock Market & Economy Are Tanking: What Happens With My QDRO & Retirement?

We have a lot to worry about these days — an unprecedented pandemic is sweeping our world, putting the lives of ourselves and our families in jeopardy. Beyond that, the worldwide stay-at-home orders, while saving lives, have wreaked utter havoc on economies. Not only are we suffering medically, but our lifestyles and finances are suffering […]

5 Factors That Determine How Long it Takes to Get a QDRO Done

By far, the most frequent question I get on Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) is about the timetable: “How long does a QDRO take?” And while most lawyers will just say, “it depends,” I usually give a much more long-winded version of that. Here goes. How Long Does a QDRO Take? The average QDRO takes […]