5 Reasons Every Parent Needs an Estate Plan

Five years ago, I did not need a will. I had a beautiful dog, Moustakas, and a mountain of law school debt. If I died, I knew that a couple of relatives would fight over the dog but, in the end, he would definitely be taken care of. Today is different: I am married to […]

Limited Time Pandemic Relief Offer: $300 Wills ($500 for Couples) via Zoom

It’s 2020. And things have gotten weird. And scary. If we’re lucky, we’re healthy, and working or learning from home. Meanwhile, people we love are being hospitalized, or working in hospitals to save lives, or exposing themselves to illness to make sure the rest of us can stay home safe. And it isn’t over, not […]

I’ve Never Faced My Own Mortality Until Now, And I Have No Plan

I have a confession to make: I do not have an estate plan. That sounds shocking coming from an estate planning attorney, but it is true. Until a couple of years ago, I had no one to plan for and no assets that I cared about. If I died, I was leaving behind a mountain […]