Limited Time Pandemic Relief Offer: $300 Wills ($500 for Couples) via Zoom

It’s 2020. And things have gotten weird. And scary.

If we’re lucky, we’re healthy, and working or learning from home.

Meanwhile, people we love are being hospitalized, or working in hospitals to save lives, or exposing themselves to illness to make sure the rest of us can stay home safe.

And it isn’t over, not by a long shot.

When I got coronavirus, I was sure I was going to be fine. I checked the mortality rates. I listened to my wife, a doctor caring for COVID patients, when she told me to check my oxygen, drink lots of water, and to put my legal work aside for a few days and just rest.

But even with the numbers staring at me in the face: a tiny 0.3% mortality rate, I couldn’t help but wonder…

“I’ll be fine, right?”

Here’s a confession. I was an estate planning lawyer with no estate plan. We’ve tried, but the tough calls on “who takes care of the baby, dogs, and cats were too tough to decide on. I look back now and tell myself, “Duh. Just get something down. You can always change it. “

I recovered. I’m here. But many others have not and will not. Some will be part of that 0.3%. And I know, as a father and husband, that that phrase kept nagging me until I wrote something down…

“Just in case.”

Now it’s your turn. If you don’t have an estate plan, we’ve been doing online delivery of legal services for years, long before the pandemic. We offer flat fees, fully online delivery, a free online backup of your plan, and we’ll be there when you run into issues with notarization, transferring assets into a trust, or if you have a question in a few years about whether or not you need to change your plan.

During the pandemic, because nobody should be wondering, “what if,” we are offering a basic will package for only $300 (or $500 for a couple). We’ll also discuss if you need something stronger than a will, such as a revocable trust, or advanced planning that accounts for taxable estates.

We also offer free online storage of a copy of your executed documents and a free annual check-up to discuss whether your plan is working, whether any changes in law will affect you, and to answer any questions that you may have.

We’ll do the best we can to get a plan in place during the pandemic, and when things do open up, we’ll be there for changes, questions or advice.

We, at Peacock Planning, operate online in seven states: California, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, North Dakota, New York, and New Jersey. And locally in the New York City area, once it is safe to do so. Our attorney, Willie Peacock, is licensed in all seven states.

Book a free consultation now or give us a call at 929-4-EP-FIRM.

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