Lawyers of Distinction is a Distinct Scam, ABA Plays Along

How can you tell if a lawyer award is a scam? I previously quipped that awards were bullshit unless they were given to me. The truth was actually the reverse of that – if they were nominating me, they were likely out of their damn minds, as I had been practicing full-time for only a […]

Get AMP-ed in an Hour (How to Add AMP to WordPress Without Breaking Everything)

The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project in thirty words or less: an open source initiative led by a group of tech powerhouses meant to serve stripped-down, mobile-friendly versions of websites to consumers. Google caches AMP sites and cleans up the code to make them even faster. Why? It saves consumers the cost of cellular data and it makes pages load […]

Post-Mortem on My First Bar Conference Presentation

I have taught LSAT classes to future lawyers. I have presented to classmates. I have stood in court and argued in front of a judge. But I have never stood in front of dozens of lawyers and tried to explain to the secrets of successful marketing on the cheap. In fact, I’ve never spoken to […]

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Rollout: Should Lawyers Jump on Board?

accelerated mobile pages logo

In the early days of the mobile web, we had “m.” pages:,,, etc. A few years back, Google and the other major web players began to push a new standard: responsive design. Responsive design is a must today because it divides the work your web developer has to do in half — […]

Is Lead Response Time the Most Underrated Aspect of Legal Marketing?

How do I get the phone to ring? This, or some close variant of it, is the question I hear most from solo and small firm attorneys. They want the email submissions, the phone calls, the desperate voicemails — the leads, in other words. In fact, there is an entire industry devoted to capturing and reselling […]

Cheap Legal Marketing Shopping List

William Willie Peacock legal marketing and technology

offers free private registrationThis is a list of cheap and/or free resources for online law firm marketing that was originally intended to accompany my presentation on 6/10/16 to the Missouri Bar Solo & Small Firm Section. A PDF Handout: 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO JUMPSTART A CHEAP MARKETING CAMPAIGN Have any opinions on these resources? […]

What I, The Client, Learned When My Lawyer Shit The Bed

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A few months back, maybe November, or maybe December, I was limping my then-dying Civic to work. My tags had expired, but since my car was running on three cylinders and coughing up more oil than exhaust, a smog check wasn’t happening that week — I was riding dirty, in other pun-alicious words. Cop pulls […]