Cheap Legal Marketing Shopping List

William Willie Peacock legal marketing and technology

offers free private registrationThis is a list of cheap and/or free resources for online law firm marketing that was originally intended to accompany my presentation on 6/10/16 to the Missouri Bar Solo & Small Firm Section. A PDF Handout: 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO JUMPSTART A CHEAP MARKETING CAMPAIGN Have any opinions on these resources? […]

What I, The Client, Learned When My Lawyer Shit The Bed

image of poop

A few months back, maybe November, or maybe December, I was limping my then-dying Civic to work. My tags had expired, but since my car was running on three cylinders and coughing up more oil than exhaust, a smog check wasn’t happening that week — I was riding dirty, in other pun-alicious words. Cop pulls […]